Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tips and Tricks for Eye-catching Designs [1/2]

Sarah: Hi there! I’m your guide Sarah from Wiz comics.

I’m Gecka Hiiro,
Wiz Comics’ PR officer/ illustrator.

We have a request of drawing error correction.

Yep. Here it is.

Wow! Welcome to the Warcraft Adventure.


It’s from Mr. Mon-mon via twitter.
I’d like to give you tips and tricks of eye-catching designing
Using this one.

An extra layer of letters was topped before publishing.
Imagine as it’s drawn as a cover page.
Sorry about my scribble.


A text layer? It seems the area you’re going to correct
is only where it’s not hidden?!

My impression, I’m afraid, is...
the three foils behind the main guy seem too low-key.
Each one has stand out characteristics.
Then make the most of them and draw out an reaction like
“Oh! That’s my type.”
In this composition you can set four bites.
That’s why I insist on the advantage of the composition.

“Dead Space”?

Don't mistake it for Isaac Clarke, please.
All you have to keep in mind for now is
not to draw what you want to show or detailed object
in negative space.

Sometimes meaningless hot babe characters can be very useful.
Suppose you’re drawing a frame of special force training,
a stinky instructor keeps shouting nasty words toward everyone.
Then, an appearance of a babe.
Male readers will be lifted for no reason.
put pretty girls front.
I guarantee male readers will turn their gaze on your artwork.

Okay. That’s understandable.
But your metaphor is so low.

Really? Well, I think it works for guys.


When you try this way,
I recommend you to put a charming, intelligent, handsome guy.
Some ladies get excited when they look up at guy’s face.
I love tall guys too~!
In this composition,
The main guy is facing front.
If others face the same way this picture become a little boring.
Add another movement in your drawing
using the figure of different pose.

Changing body position can make a change of orientation.
In specific, people are likely to look at the way the figure is looking.
Without variation of direction make your drawing look routine work.

I chose an angry face.
You have to choose a facial expression that can show an essence of character.
Also, you have to think to create an impact from that look.
A figure of a young warrior holding shield in his hand should be drawn dynamically.
Try using perspective drawing.

Whoops. Sorry about ignoring words on shield.

I’m sorry too, but I needed to clear the designing point first.
Maybe that’s just a designing detail, no biggie.
What’s most important, again, is
an attractive composition. That’ll be the highest priority now.


Now. Guess what comes next?
The lady in the middle, yes? 

Yes! Yes! Can't wait~!

Sorry. Time to go.
Let’s continue next time.

Sarah:Wha--??!! To be continued!

Post your request here!
You can reach us through Twitter too.

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