Sunday, September 10, 2017

Drawing error correction (8th): Beware of “Pigeon toe”!

Sarah: Hello there! I’m your guide Sarah, from Wiz comics

Gecka: I’m Gecka Hiiro, PR officer/ illustrator from Wiz Comics.

Sarah: Yes! It’s illustration correction time.
Gecka: We still have one from Mr. Potato. Here we go!

Little Red Riding Hood?! That is so cute! Whoopee!

Where’s the wolf? I wanna see the wolf.
I love beasts very much.

It’s rather peaceful this way,
if you just want to draw the figure.

So adorable. I love this one so much.

Let’s talk about intoeing, or Pigeon toe for today.
Plus, let me give you some advice about how to draw feet.

Does that really work?

All you need is to grasp it as rough block object cuz they’re covered by shoes.
Sarah: Is that how it goes, hmm.
Any other suggestions?

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