Thursday, November 24, 2016

We're launching Manga Reader App!

Under development!! International Manga App "Wiz Comic"

Introducing App

Hi! I'm hirogecka of Wiz Comic creator/PR!

It's already mid-December.
Some of you must be close to the deadline for Comiket(Comic Market)printing...?

Hurry up!! We're with you!! the way, don't you want to draw for Wiz Comic?

Huhuh, think about it☆

Well! Today I want to introduce International Manga App!


Wiz Comic brings you Manga internationally created by Japanese artists.

By changing Japanese to international format,
anybody can read easily with free download! 


This App is for many people to read your Manga.


Currently, we're developing iPhone Compatible Version.

It'll be compatible with andoid both!

For those of you who is interested to see the functions,

please watch the Demo-Movie!

How was it? Isn't the sound powerful?
It's something new and easy to read for those who are not used to reading Manga,

Sound and Zoom functions are set by App team personally and manually.


Since it's manually done,

"So much trouble to draw Manga but management has no interest"

That won't happen!!

Wiz Comic team involves to each work, in one way or the other.
Let's work together and accomplish one and only Manga!!

If you're interested, please fill in the Mail Form!
Contact us soon!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Introducing Manga!"4MIX"

Introducing Manga!

Hi! I'm Hirogecka of Wiz Comic creator/PR!
I can't believe it's already mid-November!

Hopefully you haven't caught cold?
Let's get well soon so we can enjoy Christmas dinner!

Well today, I want to introduce Wiz Comic creators!!

Slice-of-Life Manga"4MIX"

What would you do, if there weren't any Extracurricular Actitivies you want to join?

Obviously, you'll make one!!

The main character is "Bug Lover" girl!!

Many girls gathered, who couldn't find which EA(Extracurricular Activities)to join and...!!

To Aikido...

To Sa-do(Tea Ceremony)

To Reading

Teacher is also a bit different too??

Many different personalities gathered in a single classroom!

Healing Slice-of-Life Comic"4MIX"

Well then, are you ready to write your piece for Wiz Comic?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

[RECRUITING!] The world is waiting for your MANGA

The world is waiting for your MANGA.

WIZ Corporation together with you who love to create MANGA,

will develop new Smartphone App.

Created by Japanese and App serializes MANGA for overseas.

Many can casually read with free download!

Comics in the magazine is free to download and latest issue always appears.

That's why many overseas readers can read casually.

Animation and sound effects give sense of realism!

Rocking panel animation, first time in the Comic App.

Excellent sound and music suited to the atmosphere,
add sense of realism to your Comic.

Purchase the Comic

The monthly magazine is exhibited in book form, after certain period .

The book can be purchased from App.

Comments and Evaluations

Readers will evaluate the Comic.

Readers can evaluation by grades, touching "good" button and
by writing thoughts as comments.

It's for Overseas!!

Onomatopoesia is in English,
but no worries, Guidance Manual will assist you!!

Speech Balloon is sideways, pages progress from left side.

We're looking for Comic Artists who want to be successful overseas.
Why don't you think about it now?

MANGA is no longer for Japanese only,
the people of the world is desperately waiting !!

Your courageous step is step to your dream come true!!

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