Thursday, May 11, 2017

Introducing Manga Creator's Substitute Tool #2


"Hi! I'm Sarah, WizComic's guide!"


"Today, I’d like to continue yesterday’s article but it’s still for beginners, as usual. Some articles may be boring for intermediate level people! Sorry!”

Then, for those who want to learn a lot more about tools!

I’ll introduce useful items!”


French Curve

It’s been popular ruler since long time ago, but recently 100 yen shop started selling.

There are others rulers such as square pattern ruler and circle pattern ruler.

When I was in elementary school, I have an experience breaking this by mistake.

You need to be careful by carrying, since it’s much easier to break compared to regular ruler.


Deformation Ruler

This ruler, you can bend freely.

It’s not suitable to finalize line sketch with ink using pen point, but the feature allows to make curve you want.

Be careful since it breaks if you bend too hard…


It’s a regular ruler, but there is a lot of thoughts are put into…

When drawing line with pen point, sometimes ink drips even if you keep good distance between paper and edge.

For that reason, with this ruler, more gaps are created by cutting rod of the matching part and sticking with double-sided tape.

This means, this will reduce risk of ink to drip.


Drawing Pin

What this will do is… it’ll help very much to draw concentrated line.

See the below drawing. Ink is dripping and I apologize for looking awful.

Many Manga creators speak of this method.

Press drawing pin lightly to the draft and draw line along ruler.

This is the method, but

if that case, one more procedure has to be added which is to fill in the center whole with whiteout.

So, I recommend regular drawing pin and not push pin.

As the picture above shows, all you have to do is, flip the pin upside down, stick with masking tape, draw line after sticking and peel off.

You need to be careful not to pierce, but the risk is reduced tremendously by covering with some kind of cap.


Many people may not be using, but it come in handy when you want to draw vertical line.

I use Staedtler’s triangles for drafting.

There is far bigger than regular triangles.

Size matters because any size of draft paper can be used.

Perth Ruler

This will help those who are not good at drawing background.

This product will allow to draw correct perth.

However, honestly speaking, it requires a lot of work.

I feel, it may not save time even you purchase it…

It’s JPY2,000 and a bit expensive, so I don’t recommend.

If that’s the case, the question comes. Isn’t it faster draw the perth in the same method; stick on wider size cork board, set the horizontal line, pierce pin and the draw concentrated line?


It’s easy to say ruler, but there are so different rulers…”


There are different rulers besides French Ruler,

but I find it better to collect only ones you use for sure.”

In the old days, it was impossible to find French Ruler at 100 yen shops.

So I definitely used to spend at least 2,000 yen for a single ruler. Time has progressed…”


Masking Tape


Common sense for fashionable girls, Masking Tape… Leaving it aside, Masking Tape was originally used for some kind of work.

In drafting work, it avoids ink to overflow by sticking to places where you don’t want.

Of course, same goes to the concentrated line drawing method introduced above.

Masking Ink

This ink has higher version of Masking Tape which has more flexibility.

How to use it… shake well the deposit in the bottom, mix, and you just have to cover the place where you don’t want ink to overflow.

Only this will allow ink not to overflow.

However, you have to careful since it’ll soak in the bottom, in case you paint before Masking Tape dries or without shaking well.

It feels so good how it peels off like rain with fingers.

By the way, be careful, irregular surface papers can’t be used.


I never heard of Masking Ink!”


That’s right, I also recently started using, but

it’s so much fun to peel off…”


Hasn’t peeling off become the main act?”

Tracing Goods

Tracing Table

It’s very useful to have one.

It’s a MUST HAVE for those who have many lines in drafts, papers become uneven because of writing pressure being too much and delete with eraser many times.

A4 size paper is good enough for common drawing, but

B4 will be more useful since you’re going to use bigger drafts.

Paper Weight

When tracing, you can’t avoid papers shifting and keep drawing without realizing.

To avoid it, it may be an idea to keep clean paper weight and avoid unnecessary worries.



Yellow color is used as specified tone since it doesn’t appear when printing. However, tracing goods are used to revise when drawing becomes too light to see and to describe the structure in details when the man’s eyes overlaps.

If you find it a bit unclear, let’s diversify. Only this part will appear clear by tracing.

Other colors such as Gray

I use it by drawing shadow for simple man figure. In tracing work, I normally trace outline the man figure who I want to emphasize. When tracing, I use it for the pen not to lose the line.

Basically, the application is same as highlighter.


It’s very useful when there are many mobs.


This time, I couldn’t speak much of new thing, but I hope it’ll be some kind of help for those who want to be Manga creators.


You all, thank you very much for reading this far! See you in the aricle!”

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