Thursday, May 25, 2017

Correcting Illustration “Squat Poses”


"Hi! I'm Sarah, WizComic's guide!

Today, article is again, about correction!”


That’s right!! You may think it’s done between us,

but today’s illustration correction request is again from Mr. Oimo again.”


Oh my, he’s cute and nice looking boy!!”



Yep, yep, I can hardly draw this kind of cute boy.

Almost all becomes totally muscular.”



What’s that…It’s scary…”


Few days back, a friend on the net said,

I want to punish Mr. A.”,

had crude request to dress muscular man in Mr. A’s favorite lingerie.




Oh wow… so how was it?”



It seemed to become unforgettable memory for some time.

Mr. A liked it so much and also said “I’m going to cry.”

Being shy, he said over and over again “It’s not because I was touched. okay!?”.


That leaves trauma…”

First, you to acknowledge body in “three-dimensions”.

According to body direction, adjust leg position and angle.

You need to stop thinking in this stage.

If you stick too much to attaching legs,

consequently, you will attach legs in weird way

and many times be frustrated.

First, you need to collect many images in similar poses.

Sketch a rough draft and keep.

It’ll help you not to worry when you need it.


It may look like it has been copied from the front side,

but once you draw perspective line, this illustration is actually slightly drawn from aerial view.

The reason for saying so, is because when we take all photographs sideways or straight from front, definitely above horizon is the gate and below is perspective. If you don’t think as a set with the background, it won’t come to your mind immediately. You must get used to thinking in three-dimensions on regular basis.


It looks like there is no problem at all.

It’s funny how angle is drawn can be weird.”


That’s right. It looks like it’s in squat pose at first, but feels little weird.

If you have this kind of weird feelings,

better doubt there is catch somewhere.

 ↑Fyi, about back curve.

You can look a little since it’s bit off the subject.


The problem with the length of arms often happens, but you need to be careful not to be too long.

It’s good to keep in mind, to locate belly bottom and under the elbow in the same height.

If you don’t know where belly bottom is!,

may be easier to remember; half way through upper half part of the body, exactly bel ow the face.


When drawing hands, you can be sure by taking photographs or confirm with mirror. Let’s not waste time with unnatural pose and go for secure and easy way. If you are not familiar with three-dimensions of hands,

it’s better if you keep in mind to simply draw shadows in regular basis.


The below are the examples of poses!”


By sketching squat pose, sitting pose and sitting on the floor holding your knees pose, unexpectedly you will understand deeply not only about three-dimensions of legs but also upper half of the body.

For those who couldn’t draw, please start collecting images!”


However, it’s unacceptable if you become like Gecka;

2GB Cloud service filled with photographs of muscles and

being offered for chargeable version every day!


Hey, you make sound a bit like my nature, but it’s not true, all right?

This many 2GB was collected as necessary data and not because of some kind of excitement?!”


Good job done, everybody! We’ll meet again!”



We accept applications for illustration and Manga correction via official twitter account.

Contact DM for more details.   


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Manga Advice!! #1 Illustration Correction


"Hi! I'm Sarah, WizComic's guide!!

Finally, illustration correction will be done today!!”


Yes! Surprisingly, we’ll be in charge of correcting my friend

 Mr. Oimo’s illustration.


I was wondering what to do since only few applications came…”



When I was doing drawing live show,

surprisingly she requested me for correction.

So, I made up my mind and asked, “Can I introduce you in my blog?”

and received ok response immediately.”


Friends are what you need, isn’t it.”


It truly is, thank you so much Mr. Oimo!!

When you are back to Hokkaido, we should go for KAISEN DON.

(rice bowl topped with sashimi)”


Well, where is the main Mr. Oimo’s illustration?”


Yes! Here it goes!!”


Great, this is so cool!”


Isn’t it? Moreover, her illustration evolved amazingly in such short time since I saw last…

Well, the correction starts from here.”


That’s right, many times, shape of eyes can’t be same.

The shapes of eyes become funny when I’m sleepy.”


Indeed, for sure impression changes quite a lot!”


When you can draw evenly the shapes of eyes, it becomes easier afterwards.

But, don’t just pay attention to draw evenly and first enjoy drawing.”


Keeping in mind the flow of muscles, even very simple illustration may help your future drawing.”


Diving muscles by parts...”


Well, you can draw really beautifully, if you could express almost entire flow of the hair by only painting without line drawing remaining there.

It’ll eventually be useful for drawing pictures, to first begin completely understand flow of the hair before painting.


According to the foot drawn, I assumed and drew based on how the pose will be. However, it has nothing to do with type of the gun. I spoke based on the size in his hands.

So, you need to study size of the gun in pictures people actually holding and confirm well.


you need to be conscious of how image of gun size changes depending on person’s physique.

It feels like as big as “Desert Eagle” when small girl holds the gun.

When a 2m height muscular man holds,

it could look small like a toy.


In such way, even reaction of a gun firing differs, depending on person’s physique,

When thin man or a lady shoots the Desert Eagle without any knowledge and practice, as arms will blow off backwards as reaction and at times, it looks like you can be dislocated.


You may also need gun knowledge.”


Not only buildings, but also humans are considered as perspective, so-called berth.

You need to be a bit conscious about berth, when drawing human figure.

However, about that, it’s fine to learn step by step.”


That’s right, just to draw a single human figure, there are many things to be conscious about!”


You’re right, so you don’t have to learn all at once.

Let’s learn step by step!”


Well then, this is all for #1 about correction!”

Look forward to the next article about correction!

And I look forward to receiving application on correction!”

Applying for correction can be requested via official twitter direct mail!

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