Thursday, November 10, 2016

[RECRUITING!] The world is waiting for your MANGA

The world is waiting for your MANGA.

WIZ Corporation together with you who love to create MANGA,

will develop new Smartphone App.

Created by Japanese and App serializes MANGA for overseas.

Many can casually read with free download!

Comics in the magazine is free to download and latest issue always appears.

That's why many overseas readers can read casually.

Animation and sound effects give sense of realism!

Rocking panel animation, first time in the Comic App.

Excellent sound and music suited to the atmosphere,
add sense of realism to your Comic.

Purchase the Comic

The monthly magazine is exhibited in book form, after certain period .

The book can be purchased from App.

Comments and Evaluations

Readers will evaluate the Comic.

Readers can evaluation by grades, touching "good" button and
by writing thoughts as comments.

It's for Overseas!!

Onomatopoesia is in English,
but no worries, Guidance Manual will assist you!!

Speech Balloon is sideways, pages progress from left side.

We're looking for Comic Artists who want to be successful overseas.
Why don't you think about it now?

MANGA is no longer for Japanese only,
the people of the world is desperately waiting !!

Your courageous step is step to your dream come true!!

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