Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recruiting Manga Creators! WizComic also welcomes Coterie writers!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!

I joined new group at Comic City with friends who are creators.
We created joint magazine, but only one copy was sold...

*This news is tlanslated text. In actually, this news is written January 25th, 2016 in Japan

Hmmm, how I wish to be there as salesperson...

Wait, maybe those who attended Comic City at Tokyo Big Site are also visiting this blog...

So, good job done!
And for those who are attending next coterie event, keep your spirit up!!

Oooops, how about sending that draft to WizComic? LOL

We evaluate whether you can debut as WizComic creator,
if you send us data, coterie draft is also acceptable.

For those of you who are "WizComic? Hummm? Never heard of it"

WizComic will send off your Manga overseas,
unimaginably expanding creators into overseas market!

Think about it, One Piece by Mr.Eiichiro Oda,
many of popular ones are expanding into overseas market.

Isn't it luxurious how it leads to unexpected debut?

But how can it be possible?

Answer is simple.

Because it's made in overseas specification with little planning!!

Bound on the right side in Japan, left side overseas.

Written vertically in Japan, horizontally overseas.

Yes, it's that simple.
You don't need to study English.

Because WizComic has our own traslators!!

You don't have to worry a thing!!

You just have to draw Manga following the rules and the rest is our job.
Recent years, Japan Boom is remarkably happening.


Nonsense look-alike Japanese restaurants,soy sauce made in Korea.

Anything can sale as long as the image is Japanese! This image is stronger and stronger!

Anime figures are popular in Japanese Manga.


most imagine "JAPAN".

If that's the case, we can start saling new products from that "JAPAN"!!

Don't you want to bring in your Manga to WizComic?
Coterie Magazine is also welcome! Don't hesitate and contact us!!

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