Friday, March 10, 2017

"Cricket Boy" Introducing Characters!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Following the previous blog, I'll introduce Manga with cricket being the theme.

Cricket is the national sport of India.

"Cricket Boy" is Manga which takes place in India
about poor and rich class boys, fighting as team to win.
Every single boy in the story is the main character!

First, I'll introduce team's side main characters!


Main character, you must focus in this story!

He being young, but had to raise his younger sister because of his parents death.
He is a kind boy, desperately working more than others.

He had no choice but to live poor and gave up his own life for his younger sister.
Spending such a life, one fine day he encounters cricket.

This encounter with cricket changed his life 180 degrees!


Together with Agito, this is a character you want to focus in this story!

He is a member of youth cricket team "White Tiger", bowler and captain.
He is kind and has strong sense of justice. He is the person who gave Agito the reason to start cricket.
He was borned and raised in a rich family as his father is CEO of IT company.

His father is rich, being one of the owners of cricket field.
However he is against Mohammed wanting to be a pro.
He juggled science/mathmatics elite education and cricket.

This is the last tournament before taking pro test.
He promised to join his father's company if he didn't pass.


All-rounder of the White Tiger.
He is determinded, short tempered and selfish.

He is clever and tries hard, but he is small and lack in energy to join the strong team.
He is very emotional boy. He gets depressed and hurt by shown differences in his ability.

However, he works his best and that impresses everyone's heart.
That is the character.


White Tiger's Wicket-keeper.
he is calm and kind. He works in the background.
Together with Mohammed, he is centarl pillar of the team.

He is childhood friends with Mohammed and have been playing all along with him.
He is eldest of 4 brothers, caring and many friends rely on him.


White Tiger's batsman, looks like a play boy.
He shows good talent as bowler and fielder.

He is rough and optimistic, basically not serious, but
surprisingly he can express more realistic opinion than Mohammed...

He join the White Tiger when they suddenly needed extra player and introduced himself.
He was successful in the match which became his chance.

Well well, did I interest you a little???
WizComic plans to lease App this year!

Crucial Cricket Boy's draft is...
a bit delayed because of my arm not being well,
but I'll have it done anyhow!!

I drew this illustration especially for the blog!

Quality is as good as grafitti, but
it may be more attractive than the draft...what to do...

So far it's done upto chapter 5, but I'll catch up!!
Don't miss App release!!

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