Thursday, March 23, 2017

We're recruiting Manga creators!!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Today, I have information for all Manga creator wanna-be!!
Frankly speaking.

Would you like to debut as Manga creator with us??

Having said so, our magazine is web comic.
Our App is under development and it's not released yet.

By the way!!

It's fine if you want to join as starting member or after App is realeased!
Anyways, we're recruiting Manga creator!!

Oooops, fyi,
App release is estimated to be in 2016!

Then why are you recruiting Manga creator?



We, WizComic

are creating Manga App for overseas users!!

Do you all know?

That Manga is becoming popular in India!

Japan is super popular in Asian countries!
Games are made with it's own country's quality, taking Japanese games as examples!

Moreover, recent years, SmartPhone users are increasing in India!!

Ecomic growth is outstanding in recent years!

India is one, but target is SmartPhone users in the English speaking countries.

For overseas market, we, Manga creators have to change progress of pages,

right to left to

for overseas market, from left to right!

Speech bubble has to be horizotal, adjusting to European writings!


Traslators will do complicated tasks, so don't worry about traslation!!
It's same things, how we normally draw Manga!

Maybe this opportunity will bring you jobs overseas and
many success will come!

For those who want to be successful!!

You can contact us by Contact Form

or Comment!!


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