Thursday, November 17, 2016

Introducing Manga!"4MIX"

Introducing Manga!

Hi! I'm Hirogecka of Wiz Comic creator/PR!
I can't believe it's already mid-November!

Hopefully you haven't caught cold?
Let's get well soon so we can enjoy Christmas dinner!

Well today, I want to introduce Wiz Comic creators!!

Slice-of-Life Manga"4MIX"

What would you do, if there weren't any Extracurricular Actitivies you want to join?

Obviously, you'll make one!!

The main character is "Bug Lover" girl!!

Many girls gathered, who couldn't find which EA(Extracurricular Activities)to join and...!!

To Aikido...

To Sa-do(Tea Ceremony)

To Reading

Teacher is also a bit different too??

Many different personalities gathered in a single classroom!

Healing Slice-of-Life Comic"4MIX"

Well then, are you ready to write your piece for Wiz Comic?

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