Thursday, December 15, 2016

No.1!! eManga Know-How "About Moire"

Hi! I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!

Those who want to be Manga creator.

Those who are not used to Digital.

Those who can draw Manga, but isn't clear about few things.

I'm sending to those people!

Today, I'll talk about the topic it has been spoken before in many different places.

I'll start speaking about "Moire"!

What's moire?

"He is so moire?"

"Ooops, isn't she so moire? Cool!"


This word is not used for exaggerating something.

Then what is "moire"?

It simply means as such!

Tone pasted looks in different pattern unexpected by creator.

It's something like this.
What if this happens to character's hair...

Reader "My eyes hurt, creepy"

Like this...It'll be really hard to look at...

Then, "Why does moire happen?"

WizComic is Digital Comic.

I'll explain on that basis.

Scaling of data.

Double paste of tones.

Scanning of analogue draft pasted with tones.

Those are main reasons.
Then, why it doesn't work?

"Why doesn't scaling of data work?"

When scaling of data is done Anti-Aliasing fuctions,

Neutral color fills up the gap in between colors not to be jumpy.

This is the original data.

This is enlarged one.

Can you see the gray color?
It was forcebly enlarged, so it's not only black and white.

This is original form of moire.

Let's not forcebly enlarge or reduce!!

Did you understand?
Then let's go next!

"Why double paste doesn't work?"

Many of you must already know from seeing he first picture.

I won't say a word...

No no, I will←

Particles of different shapes become firm and turn into totally different pattern.

Of course it turns out to be better depending on tones used.
However, it'll take great risk.
Preferably, it's better not to use Double Paste of tones!

Well then, next is...

"Why scanning of analogue draft pasted with tones doesn't work?"

Hmmm, I'm afraid this expression may be inappropriate.

Properly speaking,

It may turn out to be beautiful,
but it may not work out well depending on how you use setting or scanner.
If you're not familar with scanners,
I advise not to scan analogue draft pasted with tones.

Actually, you'll post analogue draft when you order printing for RPS.
Obviously you'll scan there too, but
even professionals know how moire won't happen.

That's why there are some printing companies

requesting to send without scanning analogue draft pasted with tones.

So, if you're not confident with scanning...

1.Setting Scanner

Search for detailed website and study.

2.Research and play around scan setting.

3.Give up and scan draft after finalizing the sketch with ink 

and paste tone in digital format.

That's the solution.

By the way, WizComic have 2 modes for displaying;
panel by panel and whole page without zooming.
This zooming is somewhat similar to enlargement and reducing.

That's why, sometimes your eyes are playing tricks on you
and looks like tones are pasted when zooming.


I don't use tones almost at all!!
(Honestly speaking, it's a hassle to specify tones in digital format.)

Hahahahhh, I apologize for that.

Of course! There are many creators who draw drafts very beautifully using tones!

With recent Digital expantion, I feel using or not using tones

have become more free.

In conclusion, as long as you master it doesn't matter whether you use tones or not!!

Well well, are you ready to be the creator for WizComic?


With WizComic, I've expained how applying App function leads moire to happen.

"I've pasted already! What can I do? Do I have to paste it again?"

Those of you above, do not worry.
I'll explain, taking Comic Studio as an example.

By pasting all tones in black and white conversion,
change the final "Data Export" setting.

1.Choose Data Export as usual, select "Gray Scale" as Data Export.

2.Choose "Select All Gray" in "Setup Tones".


Dots are gone and tones texture are no longer there,

but moire won't happen.

If you want to keep dots,
it'll be all right as long as you choose don't gray.

Try it!


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