Thursday, December 22, 2016

Playing around with "WizComic", eManga App on the way!

Happy Holiday, everybody!!

Hi! I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!
How have you all been? a result of spending hard days trying to finish drafts within this year,
was slightly feverish on 2nd and 3rd, and was totally down on the 3rd day...(LOL)

Well today, I as creator myself!
Going to try to play around with the App!!

First, let me show you the downloaded screen...

By the way, "Magical Spice" and "The Epic" are only ones
which have all 5 episodes and currently distributed.

Well, let me go back to the Top Page.

Ooooops, I'm slightly in the picture...

I thought of making Screen Shot in the beginning,

but I couldn't find the setting for Screen Shot...LOL
Maybe it was different from my SmartPhone I usually use.

It's acceptable since whole face is not there...
I'm exposing myself with uncool fluffy snowsuit...

I really wish I could have you all touch the App,
but unfortunately for now, only authorized persons can touch...

However, you can touch App if you become a creator.(LOL)

First of all, let's start touching The Epic.

The Epic screen shows whether you want to continue reading where you stopped earlier.
In any case, it'll start from the beginning.


Wow, there is fairy tale like peaceful BGM sound started.

It's music to my ears. 

Sound and Animation are on in Default Setting.
Then, to touch the Display Setting,

click on 3 dots in line, on top right of the screen.

Good, it's there.

In the Page Setting chapter, unit is per page,
In the Manga Index chapter, you can specify per episode.

App that can specify only by one page,
it's a big problem when you forget to put bookmark in between pages...

This is very useful.

In the Setting chapter, you can change Animation, Sound and Animation Speed.
It's just right for those who find it slow in Animation Speed Setting.

At this point, I'm little surprised how many settings have increased variety and convient they have become.

ON/OFF of animation and sound is the best fuction for those who want to read in general.
It's also good you can customize as your likings!

Well well, Manga jumps from "The Epic" to "Magical Spice".
When Animation is ON, anlarged picture prepared beforehand is shown in the screen.

Tap to go to next panel.



Wow...beautiful lady...

Like this way, Animation goes on adjusting panel to right size.
I wonder how overseas readers will react...

Can't wait!

How about you over there?

Manga Expantion Overseas!!

We're awaiting for you creators. Contact us!!

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