Monday, January 29, 2018

Introducing Manga - Buster Road -

How're you holding Up?
I'm your guide Sarah with WIZ.

Hi! I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka with WizComic.
Today's pick is good old classic western sci-fi/fantasy.

That's the one. It's already on our store now.
It's called "Buster Road".

the beam gun that requires psychic energy of shooters themselves.
Only genius, hardworking gunmen can handle it.
Because only handful gunmen have achieved that higher stage
people call those shooters "gunners"
with great respect.

Okay. And adventure stuff, right?
Yes. Big yes. Sci-Fi Western.
Our main character's named Shot Wave. He was saved his life by a gunner whose name is 'KID' when he was little.

Take a sneak peek! Here you go!

Then Shot got in good with gunner KID, and
decided to give his gun to the boy.
which inspired him to pursue the career as a gunner.


And swore to himself to become a great gunner like KID, or actually KID's title is higher than regular gunners, he's a “Buster". However.


Years later, rumor has it that KID is dead. There also a rumor among paddlers that he's still alive but remains uncertain. Shot can't give up to see his long yearning man and started thinking of going on journey to explore for him. The journey of this young half-baked self-styled gunman.
what will await ahead of his way...?!

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