Thursday, April 27, 2017

Introducing Manga Creator's Substitute Tool


"Hi! I'm Sarah!"


"Hello everyone! How are youuuuu!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!"


"Today, you're going introduce sub-tools, right!"


"Yep, it's yet for beginners, but there may be some hint to work more easily.So others are also welcome to read!

Introducing sub-tools for Manga creators,

their advantages and how to use them!



"First, I’ll start explaining about pen section!"


Fineliner Pen

Although I have a little bit of doubt to introduce as part of sub-tools, but many people use as main pen in the modern Manga.

200 Yen per pen seems to be rather expensive, yet it’s persistently popular.
Special feature is that you draw line in uniform.

Especially those who are not good in drawing Manga with pen point, love it. They like fine drawing because they dislike how lines become thick depending on writing pressure.

What you currently see is 1mm0.05mm, but many love to use 0.08mm too.

Many are water-resistant and greatest advantage is, it can be used for copic and water painting.

However, fineliner pen is nothing but very fine marker. It gradually gets destroyed as you use it and unable to draw fine lines.

Then you start thinking with Mottainai spirit,

Then I say, " looks like ink is still there..." but have to say goodbye.

Being miser myself, I don't like it.←


"Depending on my arm condition,

I can't manage the hardness of pen holder since

I have strong wrinting pressure and easy to impose on fingers."


"That's why I purchase soft grip sold in the market

and wear like this to reduce the burden.

Moreover, different colors will allow me to distiguish the thickness without looking at caps every time."


"Yeah, you're right. That's an idea."

By the way, aren't you pen point user, Gecka?

Do you use fineliner pen too?"


"Yep. Depending on my hand condition, such as dislocating joints, etc., it makes different pen easier to hold than other."


"Dislocating joints...?!"



"Yep, it's kind of occupational disease...

It can lead to tendonitis, so I can't skip message every week."


"It must be hard to be Manga creator...?"




"Hahah, if it wasn’t hard,

there wouldn't be Manga creators dead from overworking."


"You're right..."

(Did she just say "dead from overworking"...?!"


"For that reason, it's very important to take care of your health.

It's difficult and I myself am unable to do..."

"Japanese are proud to work a lot” "Work until you die" is kind of trend for some people,
but do you know that you can’t draw no longer once you damage arms and die from over working?

Sometimes, I hear some people who is proud of their tendonitis. It may be proof of “how hard they tried” but

when start drawing professionally and it becomes chronic.

Do you know that the pain will be common? 

So, if you have that much time, go to massage, hospital, treatment, sleep well, etc. and cure before it becomes chronic.

You must treat since you can get better by not drawing!

You’ll regret it if you can’t draw until last minute of your life.”



(Suddenly so serious…!)



No, I’m sorry. My animator sister has told me this so many times.”

Her animator friends were constantly sitting for days and felt pain in their foot. Blood circulation in their foot which was so painful and they couldn’t walk.

They called ambulance, but doctor told them at the hospital,

If you were a bit late, we had no choice but cut both legs off.”


No wayyyyyyy?!”



So, for hose reading this blog, do not over work and

draw a line of your limit!”

The chronic fatiue won’t go away immediately.

It’s also important to have courage to rest and take care of your health.”


Everybody, let’s rest properly!!”

Super Fine Pen

The famous HI-TEC by PILOT.

I don’t use as much, but special feature is,

you can draw even lines unlike fineliner pen which wears out.

However, since it’s ball point pen, it’s extremely difficult to recover when whiteout gets hard.

Calligraphy Pen

It’s used for painting hair gloss, etc.

It’s nice how I can carry it.

You can apply them by how they’re used,

since there many different kinds of thickness.

By the way, I often use Pentel’s mid-size pen and Daiso’s thin-size pen.

Having Brush Wring 4th level, I shouldn’t say that, but I’m not so concerned about feeling of calligraphy pen. ←


MISNON is one of popular ones, but I couldn’t get it easily since nearby stationary shop wasn’t there any longer. I now use DAISO’s whiteout.

No doubt it’s cheap item, but it has no problem in term of correcting.
However, you get what you pay for, so those who don’t have light box or who wish to be Girl’s Manga creator shouldn’t go for it.

It can be little costly, but I think you should go for DOCTOR MARTIN, etc.

By the way, whitening is easy for me since I use digital which can be done easily. So whitening is nothing but whiteout.

Other Brushes

It can be used for many things, such as painting and whitening, etc.

It depends on what kind of effect you want at that time.

The chopstick on the right side is used when you want to draw lines according to the scene, with ink dipped in.

You can also call it as substitute for texture.


From chopstick to flat brush…”



Even if I say so, it isn’t used as much…

It’ll be good if you can use it to express according to each scene.”





"Wow, it's been too long. I've to end and split here!

In the next article, I'll explain about the remaining sub-tools!"


"Good job done, everyone!"


Artcicles in the Past

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pen Point, Ink and the Care #4


"Hi! How have you all been?

Today, article is about pen holder and ink!"


"Well well, I'll speak about pen holder first!

It may be good for those who're undecided which tool to use,

since this article is much more basic compared to previous ones.


"Is that begin with, is there any difference in pen holders?"


"Actually, there is."

I'd recommend for who is willing to try many different pen points.

Free pen holder for multi purpose use.


"What's characteristics of these two?"


"Calm down, I'll explain now."

Basically, those 2 pen holders have same fuctions,

except price and thickness of grips.

Looks like this.

Of course, you can use for G pen, spoon pen, school pen and

for mapping pen too.


"Really, that means this serves for all!"


"Yeah. Only problem is, it needs to suite your hand.

If you don't care about it and only look for good points,

I would like to say to beginners who are yet to start using pen point,

"when come across this pen holder, you won't lose anything by buying."


"Hmmm? What's that yellow pen holder?"


"It's free pen holder by Deleter.

It's sold by itself alone, but I recomend this because it's sold with

G pen, mapping pen and spoon pen as trial set.


"Wow! It's good to start with."


"That's why I strongly recommend to future Manga creator

who is undecided which pen to use yet."


"By the way, what are other pen holders??"


"There is pen holder especially for mapping pen.

But you can only use for mapping pen."




"Adding to it, many have subsitive pen holder to draw line with white,

if you're lazy to get it, there is double-headed pen holder too.

It looks like this.


"Oh, that mean I only have to buy this one!"


"Stop it!!!!"


"Whyyyyy? What happened all of the sudden!

You said to buy Deleter's pen holder!"


"Sarah, when humans write, naturally our postures become bad

and distance between paper and face will be closer."




"And, when it comes to fighting scene, you're deadly sleepy right?"


"I hear that often."


"What in between paper and your face?"




"Do you want to go blind?"




"That's right...It's safer this way...

I don't know how many times I experienced that fear too..."


"That must be your own experience too..."


"Well...I think I spoke quite a lot."


"Wait a minute!! You haven't spoken about ink yet!!"


"Damn...all right..."





"I'll briefly explain. About advantage of ink you use."

PILOT Drafting Ink

KAIMEI Chinese Ink for Manga



"I'll explain about 2 inks with me now.

I want to recommend ink such as PLOT Drafting Ink for drafting,

although people who aren't used to Manga tend to buy the latter,

the Chinese Ink for Manga."


"Which you mean?"


PILOT Drafting Ink


Wring touch is smooth and ink is silky.

How fast ink dries afer drawing, is unquestionable feature.

It's reliable ink how it reduces rubbing while drawing...

It's attrative how you can buy large size, save more money and add to it.

KAIMEI Chinese Ink for Manga

It's not suitable for actual drawing since it dries slow.

However, no doubt it's Chinese Ink, it performs excellent solid color.

It's suitable for color draft such as cover pages, etc.

since it's water-resistant and doesn't spread.


Quite suitable for water paint and copic works.


But there is less oppotunity to use these days,

since fineliner pen is more convenient.


"This is it for pen holder and ink!"


"It's become too long. Thank you so much for reading!"



"I'm thinking of speaking about tools in the next article!"

Artcicles in the Past

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