Monday, February 13, 2017

Introducing Manga! Cricket Boy

Today, I will introduce Manga!

Cricket Boy


I have introduced it earlier, but
I'll comment on main character's upbringing!

Main character is a boy called Agito.
He is considered poor class in India.

Agito has a younger sister. Parents are no more so they have no adult to look after them.
With his younger sister, he lived in a house their parents left behind them.

He worked hard everyday to bring up his younger sister.
The house their parents left behind them was in residential area where many middle class people lived.
For this reason, at times they have been teased as poor and they had put up with it everyday.

In order to live, he did tough physical labor and worked double what people usually did.
Sometime, he had to bare and live with unjust physical punishment from employeer.

That day also, Agito was forced tough labor.
He had to mow the lawn alone, some cricket field forth 4 people's job.

The employeer came there and got upset since he didn't finish the job by morning,
which he started in the evening.

Like this Agito desperately resisted,
but he was almost hit as punishment by saying so...

There lifesaver comes!!

His name is Mohammed.

He is captain for the team called White Tigers.

He became impatient seeing Agita doing hard job with harsh instructions,
where match was going on under blazing sun.

Intially, Agito's employeer resisted by saying, non of your business!,
but surprisingly Mohammed's father was one of cricket team's owners and also client for lawn mowing!

The employeer being hit home,

"He is the one who suffer by not receiving money.
That kid has no parents and has to raise sister too."

Agito looks troubled.


"I'm hiring him as an assistant for our team.
I'll pay for today's job."

Mohammed declared to hire Agito as an assistant who has never played cricket for being too busy working.

Agito was unexpectedly hired as an assistant and join the team.
Of course, it doesn't mean he has to participate in match.

"If you don't join, I'll make Agito continue lawn mowing!"
He is furious, there is no choice but to do so.

Well, what will happpen to Agito!!

Wait til App is ready to deliver!!

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  1. Moreover, the series creator, John Kricfalusi, who had worked as an animator during the downturn of Saturday morning, was much influenced by the classic works of Bob Clampett. manga kakalot


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