Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Drawing error correction: A Girl In Hip-Hop Outfits [2-2]

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Hey there? I'm your guide Sarah with WIZ.

And, I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka from WizComic.

This will be the latter half of previous post. See "Drawing error correction - A girl in hip hop outfits - “ if you haven’t.

I hope this drawing helps refresh your memory.
Using the illustration we previously used,
I’m going to explain about how to draw girls' girly hands using step diagrams.

The fingers-to-palm ratio, right?

That’s right. My friends, haven't you felt the length of fingers you draw became too long? Then you should keep this hand proportion mind.

Beginner tend to start drawing detailed outline. Try drawing block objects first.

Set middle finger in center, then draw ring finger, and pinky next. Don’t just copy, don't forget next fingers are different length while drawing.

Oh, oh!
Hold the horses! Isn’t that explanation too briefly? I can’t follow. Like, what degree should the thumb be placed?

No questions. You can’t grasp these kind of things just watching. You’ve got to draw. People who draw well have done these practice over and over again. Hustle to learn. Don’t you feel like getting it from knowing “how to” explanations. You don’t learn anything about drawing unless you draw. Practice, at least once no matter how bad you draw. Practice, that’s everything.

Mmmm, ...understand.

There you are. I added detailed life drawing over blocks.

Ohh! It covers rough guide objects and working perfectly.

You might need to consider fleshiness. Character varies in a thousand ways. Observe hard, and illustrate clearly the final image you want to draw.

Never forget that hands curve.
It means when you look at it from the side, it’s not like a flat board, it’s bending.
Now. One last tip.

Envelope? Like baggies? Like fan, am I right?

Yeah. But forget the logic and grasp the shape image. Of course there are differences according to each individual, But the basic shape is always the same.


***and after***
Finally! It’s done!

This is the output we get after following my diagram.
If it’s for manga girl, deformation by thinner fingers would be effective.

Thank you! That’s it for now.

We appreciate you reading our two consecutive posts. Send us your illustration for this correction segment!

We look forward to it! Bye!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Drawing error correction: A Girl In Hip-Hop Outfits [1-2]

Hello hello! It’s your guide Sarah.

Hi! I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka with WizComic. It’s another drawing correction. Before that, I have a great news. We received a happy comment from last contributor “Mon Mon”. Today’s illustration is, again, from my friend Mr. Oimo.

Okay! Cute.

A girl in Hip-hop fashion. He’s drawing this as a gift for his friend. Something seems to be bothering him. Which is about the position of a hand. It’s supposed to be leaning on knee. Well, yes, there are some problems.
I’m going to give as realistic tips as possible. Try imagining the whole body.

“Head size 1 to 1.5 for manga girls”? Eplain.

Be sensitive about this ratio thing here, because if the shoulder is broader than 1.5 times your figure’ll become more like a male.
Applying the shoulder width double check the head size.

So to sum it up, her body is a bit bigger, right?

Exactly. That’s why you have to draw based on head size. If you miscalculate, your pretty figure could end up becoming a macho man...

If both arms are in the air, it doesn’t look good. Try this pose. You’ll feel very unnatural. Maybe you should avoid acrobatic posture for girls, because it should be supported by strong muscles. Hence, this pose is not practical for women. The whole body view.

Uh-huh! The full body look like ...this!

Yep. Keep in mind that how drawn posture in reality is.

Ow, ow, oh no...!

See now? If you try this pose yourself, it’s hard, right?


Check out the way Mr. Oimo drew the arms one more time. It is possible that way, only if it’s a muscular girl. But still unnatural.

And, when it’s covered with cloth, it looks like this.

I talked with Mr. Oimo about how he wants this outfits to be earlier. it’d also be an issue what outfits you should draw and how. Don’t worry. Ask me!

What’s next? Nn?!

I wanna show you how fabric folds are pulled in. Clothes wrinkles because of gravity. From the basic lines I show, you try to figure out yourself how the rest goes.

Try on your own? That’s not a big help at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m kind, but won’t be naïve.

...Fair enough. Still, you’re harsh.

Huh? What do you need?

I’m okay now.


Now. Another problem. Hands. Review the size and the method.

Drawing hands tutorials! I bet everybody wants to know this so much.

With all due respect, I’ll skip it this time. With too much topics, we lose focus. Maybe next time.

Nn... noooo!!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Introducing Manga - Buster Road -

How're you holding Up?
I'm your guide Sarah with WIZ.

Hi! I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka with WizComic.
Today's pick is good old classic western sci-fi/fantasy.

That's the one. It's already on our store now.
It's called "Buster Road".

the beam gun that requires psychic energy of shooters themselves.
Only genius, hardworking gunmen can handle it.
Because only handful gunmen have achieved that higher stage
people call those shooters "gunners"
with great respect.

Okay. And adventure stuff, right?
Yes. Big yes. Sci-Fi Western.
Our main character's named Shot Wave. He was saved his life by a gunner whose name is 'KID' when he was little.

Take a sneak peek! Here you go!

Then Shot got in good with gunner KID, and
decided to give his gun to the boy.
which inspired him to pursue the career as a gunner.


And swore to himself to become a great gunner like KID, or actually KID's title is higher than regular gunners, he's a “Buster". However.


Years later, rumor has it that KID is dead. There also a rumor among paddlers that he's still alive but remains uncertain. Shot can't give up to see his long yearning man and started thinking of going on journey to explore for him. The journey of this young half-baked self-styled gunman.
what will await ahead of his way...?!

To continue this, go to our store!

We're recruiting comic creators.
If you're interested, contact us~!

Monday, October 16, 2017

~New Release Pick~ "QUEST"

Hi there! I'm WizComics' guide Sarah.

And an ad & PR officer/Illustrator Gecka Hiiro here.
Well. We're gonna feature more of our new series.

Sarah: Here you go! Booyah!!

Boila! The cover artwork. Isn't it neat?

It's full of fantasy aura, just as expected!

- Main character "Pito" -

Characters. Main character is Pito.
He was born in rural village and grew up there till age of 16.
He almost died from the Curse of a Monster when he was little,
but a descendant of Gallus appeared and broke his spell.
Ever since then, he determined to be the strongest warrior and trained himself.
When he turned 16, which is the minimum age to register to "Guirudo",
he left his village to join there.

- Heroine "Airi" -

Heroine Airi.
She is a graduate of a prestige magic academy, she was the top student.
Her family believes them as descendants of the most powerful wizards.
Her parents were very strict,
so she was holding herself back from behaving like one of ordinary girls getting dolled up and hanging out with friends and stuff.
And she succeeded to leave home becoming a member of Guirudo for the hands on practice activity.
She's a mature girl with strong willed personality.


- An ally "Jean" -
Jean. An ally magician and a swordsman.
He's a bit cocky and cheeky, still quite wary all the time.
He came to Guirudo earlier than Pito and Airi and started his monster conquests.
He is not a very sociable person. He's rather a lone wolf. If he joins a team he soon falls out and isolate himself.

He used to go to a magic academy.
But he alienated himself and dropped out.
One day, when he was walking in the street doing nothing,
he got involved in a fight with delinquent boys.
He was beaten to death. Then saved by a female swordsmaster who accidentally passed by.

He wished to become her apprentice but she turned him down,
and suggested him to join Guirudo and train through actual battles instead.
That's how he came to be a warrior of Guirudo.
He trained his swordplay by himself and wait for the day to meet the female swordsmaste again continuing quests at Guirudo.

Here's the storyline. Throug monster conquest, Pito experiences many risks and adventures,
meeting people and learning from teammates.

Adventures and quests. Struggles as a team.

Gecka: The awakening of talent!

There are a lot of interesting points in it.

WizComics recruits mangakas.
If you wish to publish yor work internationally,
feel free to contact us!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

~New Release Pick~ "VENUS"

Hey there! I'm Sarah, a guide from WizComics.
Today I'm gonna feature one of our new series. 

Sarah: Today's our pick is "Venus".

Sarah:It's an unique Ring fighting comic,
a story of a high-school girl pro wrestler.

The story centered on a 17 year old ordinary high school girl names Lala.
Sarah: Gah! Gecka?!!
Don't just popup out of nowhere!

As I'm a PR officer/artist I thought I shouldn't leave this opportunity to you alone.
I'll be here to keep yourself motivated.

I didn't know you're so attentive. 

So, what do you got?

Here's the storyline.
The main character Lala's father once was a super popular pro-wrestler. But he died on the ring from injuries. Ever since then Lala's mom is not very open to pro-wrestling related things. Can't blame here because it's the very sport that took her better half away.
Sarah: Oh no. Sounds so painful...


Little Lala was a daddy's girl.

Naturally she begins to follow the same path as her favorite daddy.

She train herself secretly dreaming of becoming a pro-wrestler, contrary to what her mom wishes.

At last, supported by her uncle/an owner of pro-wrestling organizations she debuted as "a masked wrestler".

Sarah: Woohooow!

Check this chick out! So bright! Lala the shining star! Her ring name is "Venus".


You can see quite intensive fights of beautiful girls. Really powerful matches.

OMG! That intense?! It's unexpected for girls story.
I'm worried about her

Her future plan is to be a childcare-giver and be able to cover her mom comfortably in the future.
For that reason she decided to be a wrestler only during her high-school days.

What a good girl.

With support of her uncle and friend she keep confronting stronger opponents one after another. It's a suspenseful story. You definitely can't miss it.

WizComics recruit cartoonists.
If you wish to draw mangas, we're glad to give a helping hand.
Feel free to reach out to us!
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