Friday, February 10, 2017

Come Along, Creator Wanna-Be!!!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Well well, here comes season of virus starting to drift!! 

Not just cold, but it must be time flu starts raging...
Many people think creators only draw, but it's actually very much physical labor.

If virus catches, you can't even sit.
Everbody, protect yourselves from cold!!

Well well, here is good news for Creator Wanna-Be.
In this blog, we have been recruiting Creator Wanna-Be for a month.

Because of recent start and few number of articles, we have less attention.
But we run very serious project. 

This project is...

"World Comic Project"

As the name itself says, it's worldwide.

Our company, WizComic started appealing Japanese Comic
directly to overseas market!!

In the background, SmartPhone saturation level is there.

Many middle class to upper class people in the developing countries,
recently remarkably progressing,
have started to own SmartPhones one after the other.

However, quality of Manga in these developing countries are not so good.

We noticed this!

This is good chance to establish Japanese Manga culture to overseas market.

And, it's also good opportunity for Creator Wanna-Be

who are undecided whether they should debut or not.

Because, by creating Manga and releasing overseas,

one career can be established.

I can do such thing.

I made such thing.

If you can only appeal such things,
you're capable of achieving much much much higher degree of attention.

And I'll tell one more merit to Creator Wanna-Be!

WizComic have proper reward paying system.

It's different from free site which only allows to post Manga

and Web community service management earns.

How about this?

Wouldn't like to debut overseas as Manga creator,
before you do so in Japan?

Well first of all, contact us!!

Waiting for you!!

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