Thursday, February 16, 2017

#5!! eManga(Eletronic Manga)Know-How "How to use Drafting Paper"

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Well well, after long time I'll update Manga Know-How!!

Today, I'm doing my best to explain!
Even though I can't type fast enough because of true parrots disturbance.
They are in the middle of matting season and constantly blasting love songs by my ears.


Once and for all, today's theme is "How to use Drafting Paper!!"

WizComic have our own drafting paper size.
You don't have to worry as long as you learn the basics of how to use this drafting paper!

Here it goes!!

Ha, hahaha, I apologize for unclear scanning!

On top of haven't been using for many years,
I'll explain using B5 size drafting paper
which used to be my elder sister's!

Even colors, normal scanning will only allow to scan very light.
This time, I have processed it to make colors heavier.

With recent digital boom, many people must have never used analog digital drafting paper.
That may be reason why many don't know how to use drafting paper.

Because, when you purchase drafting paper,
there is always kind and polite explanation in the back.(LOL)

This drafing paper is about JPY300, B5 in size with outer frame memory.

It's useless for those who use only digital.

So then, let's start explaining basics of how-to-use.

First basic frame, only pink parts will appear while printing.
Everythingelse is cut off.

That's why this frame is called the cutting part.
However, there are different kinds of this cutting part line depending on magazine.

What happens if you draw sticking out from cutting part.

I'll explain using my illustration.

I added speeches to make it easier to understand.
Well, if you filled the entire page this way...

Only this part will actually appear.

So speech is cut off and can't be seen!!


And moreover!!

In order to post to magazines, binding books is necessary.
As a consequence of bookbinding, part called throat will be there in draft .
For that, there are spaces which may not appear after being printed.

As long as Manga is printed as magazine, it's usually drawn within inner frame.
If not necessary, it's generally drawn within inner frame.

Having said so, I didn't have to deal so much since most of my works were action stories.

(It was hardly in my intetion until I started working.)

An this is the throat

Well well, this may be difficult to understand.
I'll make image in facing pages, using previous illustration adding one more page.

In case you have made the draft using the entire page, not learning once again

So this is
what bookbinding draft looks like, after cutting part being cut off...

Can you understand...

Part which is drawn without realizing cutting part, is cut off and can't be seen.
Words written in throat side is hidden caused by bookbinding process.

If you don't draw within cutting part, important things can't be shown!

If you don't be careful with throat,
words as well as pictures can't be seen when bookbinding!

This is all.

However, there are things which you don't have to be careful with throat and cutting part as much.

That is

Web comic

Well well, I'd like to advertize our company, web comic company!!


WizComic is Manga magazine specializing in overseas market.

With SmartPhone popularity, we want to establish services in developing countries,
which you can freely read Manga in your SmartPhone.

Creators don't have to learn English.
Translators will surely translate.

You can draw Manga and realize debut overseas.
You can also widen your range of work in Manga and drawing.

Won't you post your Manga in WizComic?

Awating for you!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Introducing Manga! Cricket Boy

Today, I will introduce Manga!

Cricket Boy


I have introduced it earlier, but
I'll comment on main character's upbringing!

Main character is a boy called Agito.
He is considered poor class in India.

Agito has a younger sister. Parents are no more so they have no adult to look after them.
With his younger sister, he lived in a house their parents left behind them.

He worked hard everyday to bring up his younger sister.
The house their parents left behind them was in residential area where many middle class people lived.
For this reason, at times they have been teased as poor and they had put up with it everyday.

In order to live, he did tough physical labor and worked double what people usually did.
Sometime, he had to bare and live with unjust physical punishment from employeer.

That day also, Agito was forced tough labor.
He had to mow the lawn alone, some cricket field forth 4 people's job.

The employeer came there and got upset since he didn't finish the job by morning,
which he started in the evening.

Like this Agito desperately resisted,
but he was almost hit as punishment by saying so...

There lifesaver comes!!

His name is Mohammed.

He is captain for the team called White Tigers.

He became impatient seeing Agita doing hard job with harsh instructions,
where match was going on under blazing sun.

Intially, Agito's employeer resisted by saying, non of your business!,
but surprisingly Mohammed's father was one of cricket team's owners and also client for lawn mowing!

The employeer being hit home,

"He is the one who suffer by not receiving money.
That kid has no parents and has to raise sister too."

Agito looks troubled.


"I'm hiring him as an assistant for our team.
I'll pay for today's job."

Mohammed declared to hire Agito as an assistant who has never played cricket for being too busy working.

Agito was unexpectedly hired as an assistant and join the team.
Of course, it doesn't mean he has to participate in match.

"If you don't join, I'll make Agito continue lawn mowing!"
He is furious, there is no choice but to do so.

Well, what will happpen to Agito!!

Wait til App is ready to deliver!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Come Along, Creator Wanna-Be!!!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Well well, here comes season of virus starting to drift!! 

Not just cold, but it must be time flu starts raging...
Many people think creators only draw, but it's actually very much physical labor.

If virus catches, you can't even sit.
Everbody, protect yourselves from cold!!

Well well, here is good news for Creator Wanna-Be.
In this blog, we have been recruiting Creator Wanna-Be for a month.

Because of recent start and few number of articles, we have less attention.
But we run very serious project. 

This project is...

"World Comic Project"

As the name itself says, it's worldwide.

Our company, WizComic started appealing Japanese Comic
directly to overseas market!!

In the background, SmartPhone saturation level is there.

Many middle class to upper class people in the developing countries,
recently remarkably progressing,
have started to own SmartPhones one after the other.

However, quality of Manga in these developing countries are not so good.

We noticed this!

This is good chance to establish Japanese Manga culture to overseas market.

And, it's also good opportunity for Creator Wanna-Be

who are undecided whether they should debut or not.

Because, by creating Manga and releasing overseas,

one career can be established.

I can do such thing.

I made such thing.

If you can only appeal such things,
you're capable of achieving much much much higher degree of attention.

And I'll tell one more merit to Creator Wanna-Be!

WizComic have proper reward paying system.

It's different from free site which only allows to post Manga

and Web community service management earns.

How about this?

Wouldn't like to debut overseas as Manga creator,
before you do so in Japan?

Well first of all, contact us!!

Waiting for you!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Must Read, Creator Wanna-Be!!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

Manga Creator Wanna-Be, are you checking this blog?
Manga Creator Wanna-Be who attended Comic City yesterday may be here.

*This news is tlanslated text. In actually, this news is written January 25th, 2016 in Japan

Good job done!

Well well, what I want to announce here is

you can receive advice on your Manga without coming all the way!
Yes, with WizComic only!!

In this article, I'll write about what kind of magazine WizComic is.
It's in other articles too. Please read if you're interested!

Well well, what it means is...

WizComic started a service, giving nice and polite advice for Manga Creator Wanna-Be.

If you give us permission to post your Manga in this blog,
we'll summarize our overall thoughts in the article, about what's good and what you could improve in that page.

Of course it doesn't have to be all the pages.
We accept any number of pages.

And even better news.

So far, you feel you can do it!!

For those of you,

we'll approach you directly!

"Would you like to create your Manga for our magazine?"

If we arrive to agreement, we can promise your overseas debut.
Because WizComic is magazine for overseas market!

If you're undecided, bring in your Manga for the time being!

First, contact us through Contact Form!!

Recruiting Manga Creators! WizComic also welcomes Coterie writers!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!

I joined new group at Comic City with friends who are creators.
We created joint magazine, but only one copy was sold...

*This news is tlanslated text. In actually, this news is written January 25th, 2016 in Japan

Hmmm, how I wish to be there as salesperson...

Wait, maybe those who attended Comic City at Tokyo Big Site are also visiting this blog...

So, good job done!
And for those who are attending next coterie event, keep your spirit up!!

Oooops, how about sending that draft to WizComic? LOL

We evaluate whether you can debut as WizComic creator,
if you send us data, coterie draft is also acceptable.

For those of you who are "WizComic? Hummm? Never heard of it"

WizComic will send off your Manga overseas,
unimaginably expanding creators into overseas market!

Think about it, One Piece by Mr.Eiichiro Oda,
many of popular ones are expanding into overseas market.

Isn't it luxurious how it leads to unexpected debut?

But how can it be possible?

Answer is simple.

Because it's made in overseas specification with little planning!!

Bound on the right side in Japan, left side overseas.

Written vertically in Japan, horizontally overseas.

Yes, it's that simple.
You don't need to study English.

Because WizComic has our own traslators!!

You don't have to worry a thing!!

You just have to draw Manga following the rules and the rest is our job.
Recent years, Japan Boom is remarkably happening.


Nonsense look-alike Japanese restaurants,soy sauce made in Korea.

Anything can sale as long as the image is Japanese! This image is stronger and stronger!

Anime figures are popular in Japanese Manga.


most imagine "JAPAN".

If that's the case, we can start saling new products from that "JAPAN"!!

Don't you want to bring in your Manga to WizComic?
Coterie Magazine is also welcome! Don't hesitate and contact us!!
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