Thursday, December 29, 2016

#2!! eManga(Eletronic Manga)Know-How "About Plot"


I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!

Hokkaido is getting colder day by day.
How are you all been?

Hopefully you didn't eat too much during holidays??

By the way, let's talk about Manga again today!

Directly saying, the important things in drawing Manga!

Let me talk about "Plot", "Scenario" and "Names"!

...Having said that, everyone has your own way.
There is no right or wrong.

I hope you understand it!!

Couple days back, I was talking with my friend who wants to be a Manga creator.
Then we came to talk about "what's plot".

Hmmm, that's make sense.
I haven't heard or eaten it til I was in Junior High.

Then, what's plot!

Plot is summary of a story.
Plot summarizes import events in the story.

You need a sheet of paper and a pen.
Many use smartphone Memo, recently.

Smartphone is always by your bedside and it's easy to input!
Time really changes...

Well then, let's take Momotoro's story as an example.

There were an old man and woman.↓

An old woman was doing laudry in the river and huge peach came down the river.↓

When an old man come home and they cut the peach,

a boy comes out from inside the peach.↓

The boy has grown to be healthy and strong, then he goes to bust devils...

Like this way, keep writing rough progress of the story.
However, I've been asked questions as such...

"How do write stories?"

Hmmmmm, honestly speaking, I had no answer for this!
Because, when I was writing Manga at time,
I was building everything based on what was in my head!

But only doing so, I'm not sure myself if I had control of all stories.
So, I can give only one answer.

When something comes to your mind, write it down.

You can't solve everything in your head.

Let's try!

It can be as simple as one line or two.

For an example,

A was dead drunk at a bar, since shopkeeper wanted to close the shop,
he aggresively woke him up and forcibly tried all means to get him to go home.

Like this way, it can be simple and short, scribbling anything is totally all right.
You can think and expand contents later.

Write the beginning of the story that leads to punch line at the end.
Thinking the progress is also good.
I often take this manner.

Did you understand about Plot?
Theme is common, but hopefully it'll be good help writing your Manga!

WizComic is looking for creators who can write Manga for overseas!
If you're interested, contact us!!

The next story is about scenario!
See you in the next story!!

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