Thursday, March 16, 2017

Event between me and my animator sister.

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

To my shame, today I'd like to talk based on my experience.
I want to talk about how important it is to show your drawing and Manga.
Once you read this, no matter if it's a page.

It can be illustration or Manga,

if you want objective opinion by third party,

please contact us!

Privately, I often draw or write draft while talking on the live net.

During this, I met someone who shared drawing as common interest.
That was a time when my goal wasn't to be a creator, but recently started drawing Manga.

That person says, "Recently, I started drawing Manga right?

I don't have a clue what panel layout is...what shall I do?"


Me "Oh panel layout. I guess many are confused.

It's so easy to say, get used to it but it really is difficult."


That person "Excuse me, Gecka, would you mind looking at my Manga?"


Me "What!?


I say thing straight forward and I think it may be too harsh?
Oh but my sister is an animator and I've seen her being thrown harsh words,
so I'm careful with what I say...


Well, moving to my sister's story,
she is an animator, 7 years elder to me.

I believe she finished up to her second drawing and,
she is free now but her skill is good enough to take orders by phone.

Her goal was to become Manga creator when I was in my lower grades of elementary school.
She wanted to be girls' comic Manga creator, but no doubt she is pretty good then.


She changed her dreams to becoming animator,  her tools like pen holder, ink, tone, draft paper half used.
And copic set were handed over to me, when I was in junior high school.

She was in special college when I was in sixth grade and
at that time, I came to know you can draw using computer.

She was business person, who tasted the sweet and bitter of,
in dark and difficult world of this industry, she continued to move forward with strong spirit and guts.

She was only one in the family who was strongly against my being anime creator.


"Don't you know, not everyone can become manga creator?"

Honestly speaking, anybody can become animetor even being bad one.

But manga creatorcan't make alot of money. Only few can.

You can't be rewarded even if you do your best,

you' d better stop it if you can't do at the risk of your losing your life."

I was in Junior High School then.
Those words changed attachment to work as anime creator to a stronger wish.

I think, I haven't spoken to her for few years since then.
We didn't get along well when we returned home and we fought about small things.

Last March, when she returned home after a long time,

"Show me your paictures. I'll correct them for you."

That word became the key.

As I said earlier, she is a business woman and
she is strict about drawing.

What she says is also strict.
It's thanks to my sister how I could decide to a Manga creator.

Yes, it was thanks to my sister.
But it's actually scary!!!!

But if she was in front of me

"words are harsh and I'm scared, it's fine"

I can't say such a thing!!

So I excluded replicated illustration,
and showed her my sketchbook which I was using then.


My sister "why do you draw only faces?"


Me "yeah, it's only sketch..."


My sister "there are hardly no drawing with body,

you have to practice body as well"


Ahhh, she was right.
My sketches were only faces and I was satisfied with it.

Of course, I used to practice body looking at documents but I before I knew it,
I forgot the challenging spirit to sketch and compose poses as I imagined.

No, I avoided to face the fact that I can't draw.
So maybe I turned my face from challenging.

Since then, I concentrated on drawing and observing.
Most of all, I put my heart and soul collecting images.
Anyways, in the beginning, I collected not knowing whether I could use it or not.

And devided into files and drew single-mindedly pictures in catagory which I needed.
2 months later, when my sister looked into the illustration which I drew to change the mood,

My sister praised me for the first time.

Of course, she corrected me up and down but it was easy to understand
and seemed as if where should be corrected was in light shining.

Initially, I just wanted to correct more and be better,
however as I continued being corrected by her

I started not liking when it was incorrect.

It has changed in such a way.

Around summer, she suffered from hernia and I couldn't ask easily for her correction.
Even then, I studied and concentrated especially on what I found odd.

My drawing is nothing but made from my sister's bitter correction.
If she didn't give me bitter comments,
my drawing was just teenager sketch level.

Ooops, sorry it went too far.
Let's return to beginning of the story.

I was confused when I was asked to give my opinion, looking at the Manga.

In my case, I agreed and acted immediately after being corrected by her.
However, I knew many of my creator friends were only depressed and could't take actions.

If by chance, my words hurt someone's feeling who is just purely enjoying to draw Manga.

You'll go crazy if you think this way.
However, that person requested and said,

"Even so, I want you to look."


I had prepared myself for the worst and read that person's Manga.
I advised in direct mail, page by page in the real situation style,
added examples for improvement in all pages...

Carefully choosing the words,

I explained how it's not necessary to read at once and accept at once,
and commentated on improvement points having several gaps in between.

Although it was correction, it was very good opportunity for my studies as well.
And the next day, that person replied.

"Thank you for very detailed explanation!
I'll continue doing my best!
Please let me show up if you do the next program!"

That was the message.
And few days earlier, meeting at the program after a long time,

"Thank you very much that time!"
I had received the message of gratitude.

I don't know if my correction was really useful for that person,
and had enough mass to take it into action.

However, often times, many tend to be modest.
It's difficult to show it to somebody and accept their opinions without compliments.

Anyhow, it could be valuable awareness.

Anyways, it must be too long to read.
I apologize for that.
However, if you have anything in mind,
please contact us.

If you give us okay! to post in this blog,
in all sincerity and cordially, we'll correct, give opinion and advise.

I want to become closer to being pro.
I want to be better.

We're waiting for such person like yourself.

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