Sunday, February 18, 2018

Drawing error correction: A Girl In Hip-Hop Outfits [1-2]

Hello hello! It’s your guide Sarah.

Hi! I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka with WizComic. It’s another drawing correction. Before that, I have a great news. We received a happy comment from last contributor “Mon Mon”. Today’s illustration is, again, from my friend Mr. Oimo.

Okay! Cute.

A girl in Hip-hop fashion. He’s drawing this as a gift for his friend. Something seems to be bothering him. Which is about the position of a hand. It’s supposed to be leaning on knee. Well, yes, there are some problems.
I’m going to give as realistic tips as possible. Try imagining the whole body.

“Head size 1 to 1.5 for manga girls”? Eplain.

Be sensitive about this ratio thing here, because if the shoulder is broader than 1.5 times your figure’ll become more like a male.
Applying the shoulder width double check the head size.

So to sum it up, her body is a bit bigger, right?

Exactly. That’s why you have to draw based on head size. If you miscalculate, your pretty figure could end up becoming a macho man...

If both arms are in the air, it doesn’t look good. Try this pose. You’ll feel very unnatural. Maybe you should avoid acrobatic posture for girls, because it should be supported by strong muscles. Hence, this pose is not practical for women. The whole body view.

Uh-huh! The full body look like ...this!

Yep. Keep in mind that how drawn posture in reality is.

Ow, ow, oh no...!

See now? If you try this pose yourself, it’s hard, right?


Check out the way Mr. Oimo drew the arms one more time. It is possible that way, only if it’s a muscular girl. But still unnatural.

And, when it’s covered with cloth, it looks like this.

I talked with Mr. Oimo about how he wants this outfits to be earlier. it’d also be an issue what outfits you should draw and how. Don’t worry. Ask me!

What’s next? Nn?!

I wanna show you how fabric folds are pulled in. Clothes wrinkles because of gravity. From the basic lines I show, you try to figure out yourself how the rest goes.

Try on your own? That’s not a big help at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m kind, but won’t be naïve.

...Fair enough. Still, you’re harsh.

Huh? What do you need?

I’m okay now.


Now. Another problem. Hands. Review the size and the method.

Drawing hands tutorials! I bet everybody wants to know this so much.

With all due respect, I’ll skip it this time. With too much topics, we lose focus. Maybe next time.

Nn... noooo!!

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