Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Drawing error correction: A Girl In Hip-Hop Outfits [2-2]

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Hey there? I'm your guide Sarah with WIZ.

And, I'm creator/PR officer Hiro-Gecka from WizComic.

This will be the latter half of previous post. See "Drawing error correction - A girl in hip hop outfits - “ if you haven’t.

I hope this drawing helps refresh your memory.
Using the illustration we previously used,
I’m going to explain about how to draw girls' girly hands using step diagrams.

The fingers-to-palm ratio, right?

That’s right. My friends, haven't you felt the length of fingers you draw became too long? Then you should keep this hand proportion mind.

Beginner tend to start drawing detailed outline. Try drawing block objects first.

Set middle finger in center, then draw ring finger, and pinky next. Don’t just copy, don't forget next fingers are different length while drawing.

Oh, oh!
Hold the horses! Isn’t that explanation too briefly? I can’t follow. Like, what degree should the thumb be placed?

No questions. You can’t grasp these kind of things just watching. You’ve got to draw. People who draw well have done these practice over and over again. Hustle to learn. Don’t you feel like getting it from knowing “how to” explanations. You don’t learn anything about drawing unless you draw. Practice, at least once no matter how bad you draw. Practice, that’s everything.

Mmmm, ...understand.

There you are. I added detailed life drawing over blocks.

Ohh! It covers rough guide objects and working perfectly.

You might need to consider fleshiness. Character varies in a thousand ways. Observe hard, and illustrate clearly the final image you want to draw.

Never forget that hands curve.
It means when you look at it from the side, it’s not like a flat board, it’s bending.
Now. One last tip.

Envelope? Like baggies? Like fan, am I right?

Yeah. But forget the logic and grasp the shape image. Of course there are differences according to each individual, But the basic shape is always the same.


***and after***
Finally! It’s done!

This is the output we get after following my diagram.
If it’s for manga girl, deformation by thinner fingers would be effective.

Thank you! That’s it for now.

We appreciate you reading our two consecutive posts. Send us your illustration for this correction segment!

We look forward to it! Bye!

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