Sunday, July 9, 2017

Drawing error correction: Errors in a drawing that looks fine at first glance

Sarah: Hi there!
Heyall! Welcome to another illustration error correction.
Today we’ve received a request from my friend "Saki-chan".

* * * * * * * * * * *
Hmm! Nice drawing. It looks very cool.

Exactly! When I looked at it I got confused, to be honest,
like, “Seriously? Do I have to correct this nice piece?”
Okay! Here's my correction!


Why? Let me explain a bit more. Take a look at this.

Oh. Okay... I’m not quite sure.

No pressures. Don’t rush to the conclusion.

FYI, I know many people feel it confusing.
I’ll help you understanding this issue better.
So check out the before and after drawing below.

Don’t say the difference is only the color of the lines.
This can even change the impression of the figure.

Now I get it. We can never underestimate it.

I drew the invisible part of the body to show the entire body shape including the feet.
Now I have to mention the mispositioning of the curve of waist line.

At first look I myself didn’t feel anything wrong going on with this drawing.
But now the errors are shown crystal clear.
Darn. I’m far from perfect...
Okay. Here is the correction.

I also overheard her struggling with the legs.
So here is my correction.
Drawing muscles is important when you draw female characters too.

When you draw legs, try emphasizing the knee a little more.
Adjust depending on characters.
Male legs usually have more muscles so it explains better.
Muscles are important. Muscles can create impressive look on female legs too.

You seem high!
I bet drawing legs get you energetic... I wonder why but dread to ask.

Saki-chan’s drawing seem very comfortable,
but that’s the tricky part of it.
Use your phone camera as much as you can. Use it! Use it!
Here is my correction of hands error.

Also, motion of upper body needs to be incorporated into the legs too.
I guess it’s making it feel stiff. So I adjusted it.

The last correction might be unnecessary but I added it.
My animator sis once told me this.
“Picture entire figure including legs.”
You may not believe it but it’s really significant for figure drawing.

There you have it! Thank you!

Thank you for reading till the end!
Feel free to send us your drawing for an error correction via Twitter,
or DM us, or leave your comment here!

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