Monday, July 3, 2017

Drawing error correction: Female Proportions


Hi there everybody! I’m your guide Sarah.
Another drawing error correction for today! So excited, eh?
I got another request from Mr. Kinoko Mushroom.

Perfect. I can’t wait! Thank you Kinoko!


I received another illustration from him a few days
after I checked his last one.

Let’s check it out.

You have to pay attention to the proportion from the start when you draw.
Otherwise it gets
ill-balanced easily, just like this.
If you do pay attention to the proportion, the right positions of
waist and hip naturally follows.

I figured five-heads tall should suite this figure best and demonstrated it.
Compare where the heads I drew alongside comes and waist level and below too.

The figure I’m correcting is drawn four heads tall.
It’ll work when you draw pedo or
gothic Lolita figures.

FYI, deformed characters have more variations.

The cute girl characters are supposed to be six-heades-tall!
Either anime, comic, game, you name it, that’s the staple.

As a matter of fact I’m seven heads tall.

That’s right. In our discussion we  wanted a female icon like a female anchor reporter or a weather woman. But I think you look more like a pit babe.

So the truth is that you’re responsible for my appearance, huh?

When it comes to seven heads tall proportion, you can present many factors that make your character cool in it.

Alrighty. That was about various female proportions.

What’s next?


It seems difficult for many people to grasp "the front crotch measurement".
I’ll explain a little about it now.

The horizontal center line to divide body proportion comes over the front crotch.
2 dimension illustrators or professional creators use this theory.
Why? It looks better that way.

Is it so?

Another problem in Mr. Kinoko Mushroom’s drawing has been detected.
Not only the proportion but the waist position as well has to be corrected.
If your positioning is wrong it ruins the total balance of your illustrations.

That’s a good advice.

Some characters have narrow waists, or you just want to draw that way.
If you feel comfortable, you’ll be fine, but in case you feel uncomfortable,
remember this!
The standard for the waist width is about the same width as a head.

Sarah: There you have it! Thank you everyone!

Thank you for reading till the end! You can send us your drawing for an error correction via Twitter,
or DM us, or leave your comment here! Ciao!

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