Monday, July 17, 2017

Drawing error correction: Deformed character's proportion and fabric flods

Hey there! I’m your guide Sarah.


Thank God! Here we are again.
After a long wait we finally got another correction request.
This time I really thought our segment might have to fade away...
Sarah: Please. Don't be a sicko, Gecka...
Oukaay. Let's get cracking. Take a look at our today’s assignment.
let's get cracking.

Kawaii! Wow! So cute.
Mr. Oimo (Mr. Potato) has sent this to us.
Thank you for saving our segment!
Thank you!! Thank you!! Mwah!
I’m genuinely happy that we’ve had another opportunity again.
I am waiting for your correction requests madly!
Could you please send us your request!
Now. Let’s get cracking.
The sender says his drawing buddy reacted like...
“It doesn’t feel like sitting properly.”
And he was shocked.
It doesn't bother me at all. It looks perfect.
Well. These sort of things occurs frequently.
A small distortion could affect consistency.

Three-heads-tall, I mean four-heads-tall... 
Many people carelessly include the hair on the top of the head.
You have to remember this, especially when you work for company products.
If you don’t count body proportions based on head length,
You’d mess the whole thing up.

When you draw a figure sitting on the chair from high-angle,
the top surface of thighs look wider.
It changes depending on the degree of
from how high you’re looking it down.
When you’re looking right in front just like this one,
the top surface of sitting figure’s thighs become narrower.
Um... Maybe that’s a little too difficult for me.

Don’t try to listen and understand what I say.

Watch actual photos and illustrations and observe it.
Check this out.

Also legs of the chair have corrected along the column grid.
So true. It sure is better now.

Changing the position of rear legs also adjusted.
Now. Just a little adjustment has reduced the awkwardness a lot.
Next is folds and creases of fabric.
[click to enlarge images]

I demonstrated creases on a few type of skirts roughly.
Check them thoroughly!
That’s it for this time!
Feel free to send us your drawing for an error correction via Twitter
(@wiz_comic), or DM us, or leave your comment here!

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