Friday, June 16, 2017

Correcting Illustration “Golden Ratio of Face”and “Good-looking Figure”


"Hi! I'm Sarah, WizComic's guide!”


Thankfully, there was correction request today also!”

In fact, I had received 2 pages together, but today we will work on my friend “Kinoko”’s correction!


Wow, this is cool.”



There are plenty of explanation on newly written Manga!

Let’s move on the explanation!”


Head and body ratio is set with assumption that “heels”should be there.”


Yes, I’m out. “Low-angles Perspective Trap”


What is that.”


Low-angles, high-angles are too much trouble for artists.

I used to say, “Farther things are, smaller they become!”

I applied and draw people as if I was drawing the Tokyo Tower,

Even if they are no special low-angles or high-angles.

So, when I draw faces in low-angles and high-angles,

you do not understand good enough that

“farther you go, width becomes narrower and

 front side becomes wider. Farther you go, smaller it becomes.”

and be conscious to draw in ultra harsh perspective line.

Actually, even if angles are not close from right above or below,

head and body are rarely omitted.

Moreover, you can consider that the perspective is not used in drawing faces.”


That makes sense… Maybe I understood or maybe not…”


On the contrary, you do not come to know from omitting too much.

Maybe “Too much is never too good”.

For now, before you understand about that, I want you to know about golden ratio of face.




First, if you want to draw normal face, the ratio is a must.

If you remember this, you can be sure you will not draw abnormal face.

Confirm the below 3 ratios. “Real Touch”,”Boys Manga”,”Adorable Looking Picture”.



It is available for adorable looking

pictures to realistic touch illustration!!”


Well, there are exceptions in everything.

Not all faces are made in these ratios, but if you remember this, you will not have almost any troubles.



Ooooops, I almost forgot.”

Even you learn about face ratio,

 if you do not consider the volume of the hair,

 it will look weird.

You cannot make all of them bold.”


All characters in skinhead…

Gecka will like it even though.”


It has to be only for good looking or handsome man, right?

No way, beautiful girl completely bold, right?”



Well, this is extra edition.

Do you all know what kind of “exception” is included?”


Surprisingly, we don’t realize…”


By the way, this ratio is almost same as Jason Statham’s, the famous British Actor.

The ratio, a bit long from nose down acts as technique to portray low-keyed person.

Well, we have come long way, but let’s keep in mind these points and

ink over Mr.Kinoko’s illustration!”



You may say he does not look like he is looking above!,

This is an example of how it looks “it will be somewhat like this, assuming from the cross

If you want him to look more above, you need to create more slope to whole body.”


How you portray ATARI completely changes the image…”


About head and body, it has many variety depending on design and character.

6 heads high in muscular battle type,

looks a little roly-poly chubby and

somewhat suites better for cute characters.

You see, aren’t adorable looking girls in anime almost always all 6 heads high?


You may be right…”


I especially like 8 heads high.

8 heads high may be muscular,

but looks cool.”


Muscles again…”


Forgive me, Only muscles are nice to me.

Muscles won’t betray me…”


I don’t know what kind of mental status you’re in, but

why don’t you see a doctor?”



In the end, 7 heads high is sporty but not too big.”

You don’t have to draw muscles, but both sense of stability and slender figure are there.



Considering the above, it will look like this when you put on the top.”


It changes so much by just changing the head and body!”


That’s right, isn’t it something you must be careful about?”

You all must try different head and body per character!”

You can request for Correction of illustration by twitter!

Please feel free to send DM or reply!!

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