Monday, October 16, 2017

~New Release Pick~ "QUEST"

Hi there! I'm WizComics' guide Sarah.

And an ad & PR officer/Illustrator Gecka Hiiro here.
Well. We're gonna feature more of our new series.

Sarah: Here you go! Booyah!!

Boila! The cover artwork. Isn't it neat?

It's full of fantasy aura, just as expected!

- Main character "Pito" -

Characters. Main character is Pito.
He was born in rural village and grew up there till age of 16.
He almost died from the Curse of a Monster when he was little,
but a descendant of Gallus appeared and broke his spell.
Ever since then, he determined to be the strongest warrior and trained himself.
When he turned 16, which is the minimum age to register to "Guirudo",
he left his village to join there.

- Heroine "Airi" -

Heroine Airi.
She is a graduate of a prestige magic academy, she was the top student.
Her family believes them as descendants of the most powerful wizards.
Her parents were very strict,
so she was holding herself back from behaving like one of ordinary girls getting dolled up and hanging out with friends and stuff.
And she succeeded to leave home becoming a member of Guirudo for the hands on practice activity.
She's a mature girl with strong willed personality.


- An ally "Jean" -
Jean. An ally magician and a swordsman.
He's a bit cocky and cheeky, still quite wary all the time.
He came to Guirudo earlier than Pito and Airi and started his monster conquests.
He is not a very sociable person. He's rather a lone wolf. If he joins a team he soon falls out and isolate himself.

He used to go to a magic academy.
But he alienated himself and dropped out.
One day, when he was walking in the street doing nothing,
he got involved in a fight with delinquent boys.
He was beaten to death. Then saved by a female swordsmaster who accidentally passed by.

He wished to become her apprentice but she turned him down,
and suggested him to join Guirudo and train through actual battles instead.
That's how he came to be a warrior of Guirudo.
He trained his swordplay by himself and wait for the day to meet the female swordsmaste again continuing quests at Guirudo.

Here's the storyline. Throug monster conquest, Pito experiences many risks and adventures,
meeting people and learning from teammates.

Adventures and quests. Struggles as a team.

Gecka: The awakening of talent!

There are a lot of interesting points in it.

WizComics recruits mangakas.
If you wish to publish yor work internationally,
feel free to contact us!

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