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Tips and Tricks for Eye-catching Designs [2/2]

Hello there! I'm Sarah, a guide of WizComics.

Heya all, illustlator/PR rep Gecka from WizComics.
Welcome to the segment of our drawing error correction.

We are talking about a post from a sender named Mr. Mon-mon.
This will be the latter half so if you haven't read the first part,
better go check the page below.

Tips and Tricks for Eye-catching Designs [1/2]

If you already have read the first half,
let's contine, shall weeee!

Do you want to place her face right in the center?

"Of course I draw her in there.
A raised elbow and a head of cat ear girl on the right
and a hat on the left.
Also, I have to deselect the 'dead space'.
Then here is the best space for her face."

Have you ever considered of eye movement from a logical perspective?
How human eyes look at this picture will improve your drawing.
I'm gonna tell you about it.

I think most of you would draw like this without reviewing anew.
It clearly seems easy that way.

But it's wrong, right?
But how wrong? It seems to fit best.

Hold on. Let me show you something.
This will explain better.

A vertical line. A dividing line. I see a line.

Okay, Next.

Come on, tell me. What's your point?

Don't rush. I'll explain after one more image.
I need you to remember the impression you got.

Gecka:If those two are designed in exactly the same pose and making mirror image or back to back image, that could make a good, eye-catching graphic. That’s how it should be.
It’s difficult to say “enjoyable”.
In fact, other two on the sides are drawn in different poses,
which I feel nice.

You’re right.
Okay. I’ll tell you why I draw the line like this.
This line is an optical flow of eye-movement in this picture
that we draw unconsciously.

Sarah: F-flow?? 

Pareidolia has it that we human commonly perceive images  human faces out of ambiguous visual information like wallpaper pattern.
Same kinds of optical illusions are said to be happening all the time when you see things.

Wow. That’s interesting.

Look. The center position of the girl’s face
and the top of his head to neck... eventually his spine is on the same line.
What happens then to our eyes is,
we get the whole picture of the figure while watching point to point.

Oh. Oh.
Then, then this line describe the consequences!

That’s why I said it’s not enjoyable.

These items can be quite useful in this composition
when they’re blown by the wind.
The wind can enhance the expressions such as woman’s sorrow and agony.
There is one more thing, which is very important, regarding wind around her.
But let me tell you one more thing.
Check out the drawing one more time.

I created this eye-movement flow on purpose.
I’m making it inducible.
Okay. Simulation! Let’s start!

Gecka:Here is how it goes. Starting from the sword, to his face.
Then your eyes capture the elbow of a guy behind, and goes to his face,
catch another face close and move there,
which is stretching her arms in the air, so you look upward through it,
and, finally, to the girl. 

Wow. That’s how it goes, huh.


Most of you would end up going along this route,
either where you start.
Why? Because I setup the path that way.
Also, it’s unrhythmical, deliberately.
That way it can keep people’s eyes longer.

Okay now.
Your eye-flow comes to the end.
And that’s it? Nope.
It’s leading to another great effect.
Check it out!

A line around the woman’s sholder.
The lines her blowing hair and veil makes.
Can you see what another effect is now?

Yes. Your eyes are on the starting point again.

I’m surprised! Did you draw her hair, her shoulders, veil...
everything setup for this?

Yeah. I draw with my feeling first, but if it’s not effective,
I would change those lines anytime.
Logical drawing is the basic, that’s the rule.
To be honest,
if you draw freely without follow the basics,
you’ll waste great time, you’ll get lost sooner or later.
In that practical aspect, it’s better to learn basics.

Your talk is getting incomprehensibleee!

Now my infinite looper has complete!
Your drawing with this composition will keep encouraging viewer’s eyes move.
And people’d feel it ”fun”. That make your drawing an eye-catching piece!

My logical looper! Nice, huh?

An-An... infinite looper?!?
I never dreamed of such thing up until no

“Infinite” is overexpression though.
But it
can buy longer time before people get bored.
Longer than center-lined composition.

Indeed... I mean, wow!

I almost forgot about “dead space’. Ha-ha.

Would you like to continue, quickly?

There’s no problem.
I have avoided dead space successfully.

Oh, good to know.
But, even they’re just samples... what a stupid headings!

If you get the feeling of it, that’ll be fine.
Do we understand each other?

Our drawing error correction segment welcome your request.
Don’t hesitate to post it, leave your inquire, comment, anything.
Ciao Ciao!

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