Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recruiting Manga Creators!

Recruiting Manga Creators!!

I'm Hirogecka of WizComic creator/PR!!

I know it's sudden, but have you heard of the WizComic?

You don't know?
Hmmm, I can't blame you!

The WizComic is Electronic Comic App for overseas readers,
drawn by Japanese creators.

It's currently developing and at the same time, creators are drawing Manga.

The WizComic supports creator's debut overseas
with different angle which no Japanese Manga creators of hope ever imagined.

Of course this is business.

Unlike certain Manga App, WizCoic will sign contract and surely reward will be paid.


Which do you prefer?
Continue drawing Manga for free or continue and be paid.

WizComic is basically paid by the job, however

we pay upto JPY5,000,000 per volume data,

depending on amount sold.

Moreover, WizComic will pay for pen point and tone fee.

"Overseas is too much...I want to draw series for magazine in Japan..."

Thinking so, you over there.

Think about it.

"I was posting Manga in App"

I was working on Manga series for overseas readers!

It's so much better than such shallow appeal.

Like this, you can smash strongly and appeal!


"I was drawing Manga as a job" catches people's eyes

rather than weak argument like "I have posted Manga on my own"!

You too, who has recently started aiming to be a Manga creator!
You who is not working out and suffering too!

Isn't it a way to debut as a creator with WizComic?

Well, let's review the advantages you have when you debut as WizComic creator.

We pay maximum JPY5,000,000 as reward, depending on amount sold.

WizComic will supply items necessary for working!

When your work becomes famous,

you may as well be requested to work for overseas!

You'll have career and create your own work. 

It'll be much stronger appeal point than "I used to post"!

Well well well!
Additional announcement!

When creator feels that making stories is difficult,
management will give advice and can organize stories together!

Of course, you can also create Manga based on stories management made!!

Recently, many jobs are based on stories someone made!
If you have this experiece, even when the job is over,

you'll have power to go ahead to the next job.

You who is worried!
Keep worries aside and contact us first!!

Awaiting for you, always.

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